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21.12.17 New Beginnings Nurseries there for us again!

We received the following email today at NBC HQ.

'We wanted to let you know we made a donation today for cakes made by the preschool children for their nativity play. We explained about the charity and they were very happy to help the little babies xx £60 raised'. 

How brilliant is this.... Thank you to all the team and to all those fantastic preschoolers!

15.12.17 Police Cadets Graduate
A Huge thank you to Officer Annabel Courtnell, who kindly accepted a cheque on behalf of Noah's Big Charity at her own graduation today, where together with her 22 classmates generously gave their time to fund raise for us during they're training, raising £1,121.00. Congratulation to the whole of B3 Intake and especially Annabel.

Above: The Assistant Chief Constable Pippa Mills with Officer Annabel Courtnell, receiving the fundraising cheque in front of the Chief Constable of Essex. 

All our thoughts are with all those families touched by the world of premature birth! May your day be bright!

16.11.17 Santaboooooooooos
Busy day at NBC HQ as we have received a sample of the Noah's Big Charity Santaboos to be supplied to Basildon and Royal London NICUs for the Christmas period. We are contributing (via NICU) to the Barts Charity 'Send a Smile with Santa' appeal, where the aim is that every child and baby in hospital at Christmas should receive a toy from Santa! We're doing our part to spread the idea from RLH to Basildon NICU with these great comforters from Cuski.

A big thank you to Suzy and the team at Cuski for all your help.

Santaboo number one ready for action!

16.11.17 It's GRANT TIME!!!
We would like to shout out to everyone who has been part of and importantly supported and donated. Today we issued our sixth grant to Basildon University Hospital NICU unit, for almost £18,000.00! Our largest single grant to the unit will be purchasing 6 machines with varying capabilities and far reaching ways to help change and save lives! A Great day. Thank you all. 

10.11.17 Police Recruits Update!!
Following the outstanding efforts of the B3 Intake recruits of Essex Police, a few weeks ago with they're cycling challenge at the Basildon Eastgate Centre, we are delighted that there total fundraising has broken the £1,000.00 mark and is climbing still. Fantastic effort and very much appreciated!

Above Top Left, Bottom Left & Bottom Right: Some of the great recruits including chief instigator Annabel, putting in the hard miles whilst enjoying themselves as well. Top Right: The recruits just get younger and younger... great effort.

29.10.17 Halloween Diner & Dad House!!
A colossal thank you to Greg May for organising a fantastically ghoulish dinner in aid of NBC held on Friday 27th October. The event raised over £1,800, which is brilliant! I'm sure you'll agree just from the photos that the efforts of everyone stretched well beyond the awesome outfits!

Above & Right: Fabulously sinister guests at the hugely successful Halloween Diner

21.10.17 Essex Police Recruits Basildon to Paris!!
Good luck to the 22 strong team of Essex Police Recruits B3 intake, who are at Basildon's Eastgate Shopping Centre today supporting us, raising money and awareness, taking on a team relay static bike ride of 300miles, equivalent of Basildon to Paris! Massive team effort and we are delighted to have the support of Essex Police. Big thank you to (soon to be officer) Annabel Courtnell for organising.

Above Left: Essex Police Recruits B3 Intake, Class of 2017.

Above Right: All set up and ready to go for 300miles at the Eastgate Shopping Centre.

26.09.17 Smashed It!!
Many congratulations to the #TeamNoah one man army who is Andy Pearson. Andy flew solo to Berlin, and took on and completed the impressive Berlin Marathon. Through blistered feet and European rain showers he ploughed on, and thanks to his fantastic friends and family, Andy has raised over £2000.00! What hope this will bring. Thank you Andy, you are a star!

Above: Andy with his well earned finishers medal in Berlin.

21.09.17 Marathon Man
One of our most prolific supporters, Andy Pearson is taking on the Berlin Marathon this coming weekend and has been raising money for NBC. He's currently at £450 and climbing. Wishing you all the luck in the world in Germany and thank you for the colossal efforts!

20.09.17 Barclays Continued Support
Barclays Investment Bank have once again doubled up on on the efforts of one of their own, Darren Suckamore, who was on  of the #TeamNoah Prudential Ride 100 team in July. They matched funded Darren's total of £520! Brilliant stuff Thankyou.

19.09.17 Little man big heart
A massive thank you to 10year old Harrison Farr who asked that family and friends donate money to Noah's Big Charity in lieu of getting him gifts for his First Holy Communion. Completely instigated by Harry, this little guy is a star making a huge difference. Harry friends and family donated £400! Well done Harry #TeamNoah

30.07.17 The Magnificent 7 Ride 100
CONGRATULATIONS to our 7 strong Prudential Ride 100 team, who with their fair share of punctures on a drizzly summers day, conquering the challenging London/Surrey Mountains! Thank you for all the training and efforts lads you have made a difference. Over £5k plus raised with more to come from some generous company fund matching! #TeamNoah

Above (L-R) - The Magnificent 7 Post race- Jon, Rich W, Darren, John, Rich H, Thomas & Ed.

17.07.17 Ride 100 Prep
Ed Perry who is part of the Ride 100 TeamNoah completed the London 2 Southend bike ride on Sunday and feels good for the big one in two weeks. ed is also taking on the London Triathlon next weekend, with the Ride 100 to follow a week later. Ladies & Gentlefolk, Ed is officially our first one man machine! Good luck Ed.

Left: Ed Pre Race looking like he means business in his new Noah's Jersey.

Above: Taking on some well earned post race energy drink.

17.07.17 Spitfire Conquered 
TeamNoah smashed it. They covered 166.75 miles in 24 hours and each man gave everything they had, pushing themselves through the pain barrier and exhaustion to come 2nd in their category! Fantastic achievement from a fantastic #TeamNoah. Sincere thanks to all including supporters, friends & family who came along to support. £3.5k raised and counting!

Above: Our Team Noah complete with medals and 2nd place trophies. (L-R) Simon, Rich H, Ben, Rich B & John

Below: (L-R) Ben looking strong. Simon glad another lap is in the bag. Rich B wondering what he did wrong to deserve this and John & Rich H at #TeamNoah HQ with a cuppa before the race started.

15.07.17 It's Spitfire Scramble Time
Good luck to John Hobden (Thanks for organising), Ben Fowler, Simon Argent, Rich Brass and Rich H. 24 hours of running await you, with glory beyond! Thank you for all your efforts thus far and to come. The guys have raised over £3k so far with sponsor money still coming in! #TeamNoah #RealDifference

13.07.17 They've Arrived

Our sponsored T-Shirts have arrived for next weekends Spitfire Scramble 24hr race (Right) as well as our Ride 100 Jerseys for our 7 strong TeaNoah (below). Thanks to G&S Waste Management, Master of Malt, New Beginnings Day Nurseries and RHJB Architects! Looks Awesome.


Incredible thanks to G&S Waste Management, Master of Malt, New Beginnings Day Nurseries and RHJB Architects who continue to support us, sponsoring our Spitfire and Ride 100 Cycle Teams. You continue to help make a difference, Thank you.

We are delighted to let everyone know that we made full grant payment of £25,000.00 for the purchase of an Echo Cardio Training machine on Friday for RLH! This kit is being imported from Germany and is the first of its kind in the country. This is a real-world scenario training aid, used to train new neonatologists and hone the skills of experienced consultants within a safe environment, for the identification of heart conditions in Prems and new borns. The possibilities are endless and profound, as to how this machine will help save lives at the Royal London and beyond. HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has made this possible! #TeamNoah #MakingADifference

18.06.17 Toughest London
Congratulations to Joe & Kostas who in the scorching sun on Saturday completed Toughest London endurance obstacle course event. The chaps have beaten they're fundraising target with details to follow and a thank you to the team in Joe's office for arranging a bake sale before the weekend! Well done lads... superb! #TeamNoah


Joe, Kostas and their mascot after completing the Toughest London Endurance Course.

12.06.17 Toughest London
Good luck to Joe Routledge (Former NICU Dad) and pal Kostas who take on this tough obstacle course event next weekend. The chaps have raised over £2,600.00 so far! Awesome effort!

09.06.17 Sponsorship
Amazing Thank you to Simon Argent of G&S Waste Management Ltd, for sponsoring the Spitfire T-Shirts! Really helps bring the team together, raise awareness and maximise how much can be raised. Real #TeamNoah

08.06.17 Spitfire Scramble
Big shout to the #TeamNoah and John Hobden who has organised a team for the 24 hour Spitfire Scramble endurance race in Hornchurch Essex on 16th/17th June. The team of 5 comprising, John, Dan, Ben, Rich B & Rich H will be running in the order of 30 miles each during the 24hr event. I was tired just writing that... Thanks guys... good luck.

26.05.17 Amazing Update
We've been meaning to share this fantastic news about Bodhi Harding. He was the little guy who was transferred from Basildon University Hospital to RLH in order to use the Criticool Machine recently funded by NBC. Please have a read... and remember if you have supported us, you've made this possible. #Making a Difference #TeamNoah

19.05.17 Mud, Sweat & Beers
We were lucky enough to have two teams take on the Nuclear Race last week. A lovely group led by Claire Jeavons needed some last minute inspiration and kindly chose to support us only days before the event. They raised over £350. Thank you for thinking of us. #TeamLouis #TeamNoah

Above: Claire Jeavons and team at Nuclear Race.

15.05.17 Alfie's Angels
Huge congratulations to Lisa Benee and her Alfie's Angels who stormed the Nuclear Race this weekend! They have raised almost £4k with the total still climbing. Fantastic effort all around. Real #AlfiesAngels #TeamNoah

Above: Lisa & Alfie's Angels after Nuclear Race

28.04.17 NBC Golf Day 2017
Our fourth year in a row, and we were gifted with splendid weather once again. 27 Golfers took to the prestigious Romford Golf Club course, and 27 made it around, just some with a little more work than others in between holes!!! We yet again benefitted from some generous company support in the form of gifts for our raffle, and then from some extensive generosity from our golfers. The day raised £1400.00. Great spirit, great company and a great day all round. Thanks to all. Special thanks to Glen London for organising yet again.

Our golfers having just completed their rounds

Above: Brian having just got an incredible closest the pin effort.

Above: Neil & Richard

Neil Wilkinson having beaten Richard this year going for a 4th straight wooden spoon, rewarded with a Snorkel as most of his golf had been played in the lakes and ponds of the Romford course.

24.04.17 Marathon Men
Amazing work from Keith (Aka Noah's Uncle) & Gareth who did incredibly well at the London Marathon. Putting the rest of us to shame just watching. They both still have funds coming in, so totals to follow. 

Right: Keith & daughter Alice after his fantastic 26.2mile effort!

23.04.17 Marathon Men
A huge GOOD LUCK to Keith Jarvis and Gareth Jones who are taking on the London Marathon today as our two man #TeamNoah They have raised almost £3000 between them with donations still coming in. Great work guys! Keep those legs moving.... you can doooo it!

10.04.17 Twinkle Bright
Although it can sometimes feel like yesterday, it is hard to believe that it has been 4 years since Noah passed. His story has inspired an army of TeamNoah supporters to help save and improve so many lives!  Twinkle Twinkle little man.....
Come On the Noah!

21.03.17 READ ALFIE's Story
Please check out Alfie's story in our Little Adventurers section above to find out more. Alfie Benee's parents, Lisa and Adam have kindly shared their son Alfie's adventure with us. Since Alfie arrived into the world a little over a year ago, Adam and Lisa amongst looking after Alfie, have managed to raise significant funds for NBC. #TeamNoah #TeamAlfie

21.03.17 She did it!!!
Congrats to Lizzie Lock, our one woman #TeamNoah, conquered the Brentwood Half Marathon amidst the perils of a windy course. Lizzie has raised well over £300. Fantastic effort and thankyou! 

Right: Lizzie full of beans before the race and ready to take on the elements!

13.03.17 Good Luck Lizzie
Lizzie Lock is taking on the Brentwood Half Marathon next Sunday for NBC. She's raised over £200 so far... Well done Lizzie, Good Luck and thank you. #TeamNoah

08.03.17 Criticool No.2
We are delighted that the second Criticool machine funded by NBC has arrived on unit at the Royal London NICU and is available for use. At a cost of almost £12k, the value in terms of care and life changing capabilities of this machine is immeasurable, and now we have provided RLH NICU with the option of increasing treatment opportunities for even more babies.
Our thanks to everyone who has made this possible!!
#MakingADifference #TeamNoah 

13.02.17 Amazing Support
We felt the need to let everyone know about the fantastic offers of support we have received over the past few weeks, from individuals and teams looking to take on events for Team Noah.

Lizzie Lock is returning to support NBC taking on the Brentwood Half Marathon 18th March.

Keith Jarvis back to support & Gareth Jones are taking on The London Marathon 23rd April.

Tracy Steel and 12 friends are taking on Nuclear Race at Brentwood 13th May.

Joe Rutledge (A NICU Dad) and pal Kostas are taking on the Toughest London 17th June.

Team Noah veterans, Jon Butler, Tom Readman & Darren Suckamore are all in for the London Ride 100 on 30th July

We are extremely excited to have such phenomenal people come together to help NBC continue to make a difference. A huge thank you to you all!!


10.02.17 Christmas flash back
Phoenix ME has delivered some great news on a Friday afternoon yet again, donating a further £500 to NBC raised at their Christmas events. Great support yet again. Thank you.

13.01.17 Lucky for some... in this case NBC
We were delighted to receive a call from Irina today, who has followed the charity for a few years and wishing to support asked her company Sunspot Tours to make a donation. Supported by the Chairman Martin Bugeja and CEO Emma Bugeja they have just donated £5,000.00!!! Wow and WOW. Phenomenal phone call to take, knowing that this will make an incredible difference! Welcome to #TeamNoah Thank you Irina, Martin & Emma.

09.01.17 Little Man's Birthday!

Today is Noah's birthday, he would have been 4yrs old!!

It's amazing to think all that has been inspired from his big fight to make it home from NICU!

As of today Team Noah has raised a little over £195,000 !!

19 items of life saving and life changing equipment have been bought across both units! Together with additional care support equipment such including 60 sets of Zaky hands and 600 Cuski comforters.

We have heard from many parents who felt the kit bought meant or contributed to their babies safe arrival home.... We think that this clearly means that Team Noah is  achieving it's principle goal in helping to get more babies home!! Enough said!

However there unfortunately is always another baby on unit who could do with something else, another nurse or doctor deeply frustrated because they can't help as much as they would like, so onwards we go!!

We got 3mths with Noah that without the care he received would not have been possible.  The memory of the cuddles with our tiny man will be with us forever! 

Our sincere thanks to everyone who has supported us and the charity! 

Twinkle bright! Come On The Noah