News Archive......2020

18.08.20 Time flies but still incredible people out there
Where has the last few months gone. For obvious reasons of the new world we find ourselves in it has been very quiet at NBC HQ.  

However, within the past week we were contacted by a family who had recently lost their son, after a short but courageous battle at RLH NICU unit. Within days this brave couple had rallied, wanting to help the unit. They found out about on the unit and set up a fundraising page. In only a few short days have raised in excess of £2000!!! Wonderful people who's selflessness has brought tears to our eyes. THANK YOU to you, your families and friends. We'll make sure it counts for your little man!
#TeamNoah #YourNoah

10.04.20 Reaching for you in the Stars
Another year gone, 7 since you've past, keep twinkling our little guy, twinkle bright for all to see!

23.03.20 NHS Heroes
What a difference a month makes, only last month we were raving about our latest equipment delivery for Basildon NICU and today.... schools, restaurants, cafes, pubs etc etc are all shut, we are all working from home as we are in the grip of a fight against Corona Virus COVID19. We can only fathom the herculean efforts of our fantastic NHS teams, fighting day and night, putting themselves in harms way to help us all. Good luck and thank you one and all. Phenomenal people! #NHS #TheBestofUs #TeamNoah

28.02.20 They've ARRIVED!!!
Our last grant has made it to Basildon University Hospital back in July last year has run the gauntlet of NHS red tape and the equipment is here... hoorayyy! Superbly modelled by some of the amazing NICU team are two Bililux Phototherapy units to treat neonatal jaundice, a Cold Light machine to help doctors and nurses identify veins and arteries in prems and lastly the biggest bit of kit, a portable ECG machine for checking babies hearts and rhythms, for the dedicated use of the NICU (Previously they shared with other wards). Thank you to NICU ward matron Tracey Glester for your continued support, and to the MANY MANY MANY people who have raised funds for NBC! You have allowed us to fund this equipment that WILL change lives. You are all amazing people #TeamNoah

We are in the early stages of planning our biggest sporting fundraising challenge for some time..... more to follow.

22.01.20 Little Darwin's Bazaar
Slight delay on our update, however we were thrilled to receive these photos and £190 raised by the good people of Little Darwins Nursery at their Christmas Bazaar. It will all go to great use and help our NICU units. A huge thank you to one and all involved.

Little Darwins Nursery chose to support us, as NBC was close to there very own nursery manager Lucy Cook, who's son Jacob was born prematurely and was cared for at the Royal London NICU. Lucy has very kindly agreed to share Jacob's story which will follow shortly.

09.01.20 Shine Bright
7 years ago today the little man made a brief but impactful appearance in our lives... shine bright, shine strong!