Archie's Adventure

Archie was born in February 2017, at 34 weeks (6 weeks premature.) I went into spontaneous labour and had an easy delivery at Basildon Hospital. Archie was taken to NICU to be monitored where they suspected he had tracheo-oesophageal fistula (connection between the oesophagus and windpipe) and oesophageal atresia (Where the oesophagus (the tube through which food passes from the mouth to the stomach) is not connected to the stomach.

Archie was transferred within four hours of being born to Royal London Hospital for surgery that night. We spent 4 weeks in NICU at Royal London and a further week in Basildon NICU. 

In both hospitals, I saw posters promoting Noah’s Big Charity and the work they do to raise money for both of these amazing hospital’s NICU units and ultimately, the amazing equipment and facilities helped to save my son’s life. 

Anna Hallett

(Above) Archie being transferred from NICU Basildon University Hospital to NICU Royal London for surgery, 4 hours after being born. 

(Above) Post surgery at 2 days old in NICU at Royal London


Name: Archie Hallett

Born: Feb 2017         

Gestational Age: 34 Weeks  Hospitals: Basildon University & Royal London                           Parents: Anna & Mitch

(Above) 4 weeks old and in NICU at Basildon when Archie was transferred back.

(Below) A year later- February 2018