Our Charitable Aims for Public Benefit

The key objective is to supplement NHS services within the Neonatal Intensive Care field of study and care, using independent funding, specifically within the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) of the Royal London Hospital Whitechapel, London & Basildon Hospital, Essex.

Noah's Big Charity aims to support the improvement of facilities, research and care, with the provision of equipment and funding of both training and research. The latter having a potentially global effect on the improvement in outcome of preterm babies.

Subject to the success of the fund raising capabilities of the charity, ‘Noah’s Big Charity’ would seek to extend support to other NICU facilities at a later juncture.

Training of Neonatal Nursing Staff

This is understood to be a national issue, however visiting the NICU at the Royal London Hospital every day for almost 4 months, one becomes acutely aware of the pressures placed on resources and staff. All too often hearing how babies could not be accommodated as all 36 beds on the unit were occupied. However, very early in to our stay, we were aware that a portion of the ward was quiet. We had reason to enter this area for a discussion with a consultant and discovered a fully equipped High Dependency Unit, with 10 empty incubators, unused in over 14 months since this state of the art hospital opened its doors, principally due to continuing staff shortages. This has to change.