How We Got Here......

Noah's Big Charity was established as a legacy to our strong and courageous little boy, who was born suddenly and too early, under the worst of circumstances. Noah Robert Hobden inspired everyone who he came in contact with. His unrelenting battle for life and the devotion of our family, friends and his team of carers inspired us to hope, inspired us to want to be better people.

We documented Noah's brief yet impacting life via a blog to keep friends and family updated with day-to-day progress. The blog was entitled 'Noah's Big Adventure' and attracted a large following. Those who read it were touched in different ways, by the story of our family, and the adventure of our very courageous little boy.

You wouldn't think that such a little person could teach you anything, but he did. He taught us to live life and enjoy it, not endure it! Whenever we get a low moment in the future, we'll think of Noah, and how hard he fought for life. We remember and marvel at how far he got, on little more than instinct and a wealth of love and care, from everyone.

Motivated by this life-changing experience and the care Noah received, the compassion and dedication of all the medical teams involved, we felt it important that our little boy’s life carry meaning beyond his passing. 

Together with close family and friends, we wished to give something back, initially in support of the Neonatal Intensive care teams at Basildon and The Royal London Hospitals, but hopefully beyond. These very special people gave us the opportunity to share 91 days with our son. By supporting them, we hope the high standard of care can improve so that even more premature babies can go home to their families.

'Noah's Big Charity - For small babies with big dreams'

Assisting the care givers who not only give hope, but deliver miracles!