Jacob's Adventure

My name is Jacob, I was born on the 26th June 2017 at 38 weeks. I was born very quick at Basildon university hospital and suffered some trauma from my birth which caused me to have seizures and needing help from the doctors and nurses to breathe.

Jacob was rushed to the Royal London Hospital NICU, where he underwent induced hypothermia treatment using a Criticool unit (Funded by NBC). After 3 days of specialist medical treatment Jacob was 'warmed up', from then on Jacob each day continued to make an astounding recovery. Each day another tube was removed and Jacob showed progress to breathe on his own, feed and gain weight. After the excellent care, treatment and specialist equipment Jacob received at Royal London Hospital NICU we were able to take our little boy home, which was a dream come true.

Over the next few months doctors were worried that Jacob would have long term effects from his trauma but each time he showed the amazing progress he made and is now progressing at the normal stage of development. We don't doubt for a second that without undergoing the cooling treatment with the Criticool unit -Jacob may not be with us today.

Lucy Cook

Name: Jacob Cook 

Born: 26th June 2017         Gestational Age:  38 Weeks  Hospitals: Basildon Hospital         Parents: Lucy  

(Above) Jacob being treated at The Royal London NICU.

(Left) Jacob 2 years old and doing brilliantly.