Rory's Adventure

Our story began on 15th May when my wife Kimberly went into Labour, fast forward 15 hours and at 11:04am our son Rory George Young was born into a water birth. Unfortunately the second Rory arrived he was very blue, the nurses pushed the alarm and chaos spread around the room with numerous nurses and midwives rushing in. They then took Rory from Kim’s arms and whoosh he was gone from us. 

A nurse popped back moments later and told us everything would be ok, my mother in law and sister in law followed Rory to NICU. 

Kim also developed Post Partum Pyscosis during labour/birth and wasn’t up to seeing Rory (8lb 6oz), so I went alone to see my son properly for the first time. 

As I arrived at NICU the friendly nurses took me in to see Rory in one of the emergency rooms, my son was covered in wires and tubes. I was so happy to see him I cried, the nurses comforted me and explained Rory had swallowed meconium whilst inside the womb and developed a high level of infection. He was kept in the emergency room for 4 days building his strength and taking doses of antibiotics twice a day. 

Without the apparatus provided by the charity (Noah's Big Charity) it’s very possible my son wouldn’t be strong, healthy and with us as a family today. For this and the excellent work of the nurses we can’t be thankful enough for giving me support, while my wife and son were unwell and ensuring my son got the best care. 

Ryan Young

Name: Rory Young 

Born: 15th May 2017         Gestational Age: 40 Weeks  Hospitals: Basildon Hospital         Parents: Kimberly & Ryan

(Above) Rory on breathing support.

(Left) Rory just over a year old, doing brilliantly.