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Since NBC was established in 2013, Glen London has been a champion for the charity. Under Glen's stewardship, our Charity Golf Day has grown from humble beginnings in 2014 to the key fundraising event of the Charity calendar each year.


With a host of regular attendees and a waiting list for new golfers, we are incredibly fortunate to have a loyal and generous group of supporters and a host of sponsors who are nothing but outstanding! Every year is a great day for golf, fun and fundraising!  We can't thank Glenn or the host of supporters who make this all possible enough!

Noahs BIG Charity Golf Day 2014.jpg


NBC Charity Golf Day 2014

Our first-ever golf day, was held at the prestigious Romford Golf Club, and it was daunting. The organisation, the sourcing of raffle prizes, a speech, let alone the golf!!


We had 23 players on the day and raised £1,175!

NBC Charity Golf Day 2015

Back at Romford Golf Club for the 2nd time, starting to find our swing.


We had 26 golfers on the day and raised £1,300!

We even attracted a sponsor, who has supported NBC every year since. A huge thank you to Neil Wiltshire of Barrier AC.



NBC Charity Golf Day 2016

Romford was kind enough to host us once again in 2016, unfortunately, due to a few last-minute cancellations our numbers fell to 18.


However, as a result of the generosity of those in attendance, and an accidental locking of keys in a car which contained their golf clubs, a generous fee was paid to hire some clubs which formed part of the raffle and we still raised a healthy sum for the charity. Plus we remembered to take a photo of everyone!


We had 18 players on the day and raised £810!


NBC Charity Golf Day 2017

If it ain't broke.... back to Romford for our merry band in 2017.


We had 27 golfers on the day and raised £1,400!

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NBC GD 4_2018.JPG


Charity Golf Day 2018

The Romford course was immaculate and they are incredibly welcoming, so we returned for our 4th outing in 2018. 

Glen had worked his magic and we smashed through our previous attendance best by some margin! In tandem, we had our best-ever prize haul, which gave way to even more generous donations. 


We had 42 players on the day and raised £2,300!

NBC Charity Golf Day 2019

Our 6th Golf Day was a real success.  The sun shined, golf was played (By most) and for the second time, we broke the £2k barrier for monies raised on the day.


We had 34 golfers on the day and raised £2,050!

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NBC Golf Day 2020 South Essex.jpg


NBC Charity Golf Day 2020

Early interest in the 7th NBC golf day, saw our numbers growing once again. Although this was the year of Covid, so unfortunately numbers fluctuated wildly right up to the day. We took the opportunity to relocate the day to an alternate course, namely South Essex Golf Club.,

We had 38 golfers and a super amount of £2,700 was raised,

NBC Charity Golf Day 2021

South Essex was an incredible host, so we returned for 2021 for the 8th NBC Golf Day.  Emerging from Covid, this was a record-breaking year in terms of numbers.

We had 68 golfers and raised £2,640

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NBC GD 9_2022.JPG


NBC Charity Golf Day 2022

Well, that escalated.  Blackmail or other dark arts, Glen did it again! Records across the board were smashed wide open as the day was by far the most successful.

Sponsorship, business fund matching and generosity were immense.

We had 72 players on the day and raised £6,345!

NBC Charity

Golf Day 2023

Well.... so big we could just about fit the picture on! Our 10th NBC Charity Golf Day and are biggest on all fronts. A collusol amount raised, with generosity on the day just leaving us lost for words. A cash raffle was held with a prize pot of £600 across 4 blind envelopes. A significant some was raised in raffle tickets for this, then as each winner opened their envelope they donated it back tot he charity.... speeeeeccchhhlessss!

We had 80 golfers with £8,395 raised! Wow

NBC GD10 2023.JPG
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